NBA TV schedule: What Basketball game is on today?

The NBA released its 2020-21 NBA regular-season games TV schedule today including playoffs on ABC, ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT. Check-in here throughout NBA season along with play-in tournament from May 18-21 followed by the 2021 NBA playoffs including finals from May 22-July 22.

Saturday, April 10

Raptors at Cavaliers7:30 PMTSN
Lakers at Nets8:30 PMABC
76ers at Thunder9:00 PMFSOK
Kings at Jazz9:00 PMATRM
Rockets at Warriors10:00 PMATSW
Wizards at Suns10:00 PMFSAZ
Pistons at Trail Blazers10:00 PMNSNW

Sunday, April 11

Hawks at Hornets1:00 PMFSSE
Celtics at Nuggets3:00 PMNBA TV
Pelicans at Cavaliers7:00 PMFSOH
Bucks at Magic7:00 PMFSFL
Raptors at Knicks8:00 PMSNET
Spurs at Mavericks8:00 PMTSN
Bulls at Timberwolves8:00 PMFSN
Pacers at Grizzlies8:00 PMFSSE
Pistons at Clippers10:00 PMPT
Heat at Trail Blazers10:00 PMNBA TV

Monday, April 12

Lakers at Knicks7:30 PMESPN
Nets at Timberwolves8:00 PMYES2
Spurs at Magic8:00 PMFSFL
76ers at Mavericks8:30 PMFSSW
Kings at Pelicans9:00 PMFSNO
Wizards at Jazz9:00 PMATRM
Bulls at Grizzlies9:00 PMFSSE
Nuggets at Warriors10:00 PMESPN
Rockets at Suns10:00 PMASW2

Tuesday, April 13

Clippers at Pacers7:30 PMTNT
Hawks at Raptors7:30 PMTSN
Lakers at Hornets8:00 PMFSSE
Thunder at Jazz9:00 PMATRM
Heat at Suns10:00 PMFSAZ
Celtics at Trail Blazers10:00 PMTNT

Wednesday, April 14

Nets at 76ers7:00 PMESPN
Cavaliers at Hornets7:00 PMFSSE
Spurs at Raptors7:30 PMTSN
Knicks at Pelicans8:00 PMFSNO
Magic at Bulls8:00 PMFSFL
Clippers at Pistons8:00 PMFSDT
Bucks at Timberwolves8:00 PMFSN
Pacers at Rockets9:00 PMASW2
Warriors at Thunder9:00 PMFSOK
Mavericks at Grizzlie9:30 PMESPN
Heat at Nuggets10:00 PMTSN
Wizards at Kings10:00 PMNSCA

Thursday, April 15

Bucks at Hawks7:30 PMTNT
Warriors at Cavaliers8:00 PMFSOH
Celtics at Lakers10:00 PMTNT
Kings at Suns10:00 PMFSAZ

Friday, April 16

Pacers at Jazz3:00 PMNBA TV
Thunder at Pistons7:00 PMFSDT
Clippers at 76ers7:00 PMESPN
Pelicans at Wizards7:00 PMNSWA
Hornets at Nets7:30 PMYES2
Magic at Raptors7:30 PMTSN
Nuggets at Rockets8:00 PMATSW
Grizzlies at Bulls8:00 PMNBCH
Heat at Timberwolves8:00 PMFSN
Trail Blazers at Spurs8:30 PMKENS
Knicks at Mavericks9:30 PMESPN

Saturday, April 17

Jazz at Lakers4:30 PMESPN
Cavaliers at Bulls8:00 PMNBCH
Pistons at Wizards8:00 PMNSWA
Warriors at Celtics8:30 PMABC
Grizzlies at Bucks9:00 PMTSN
Spurs at Suns10:00 PMFSAZ

Sunday, April 18

Pacers at Hawks1:00 PMFSSE
Pelicans at Knicks1:00 PMESPN
Nets at Heat3:30 PMESPN
Rockets at Magic7:00 PMASW2
Thunder at Raptors7:00 PMSNET
Trail Blazers at Hornets7:00 PMFSSE
Kings at Mavericks7:30 PMNBA TV
Timberwolves at Clippers10:00 PMNBA TV

Monday, April 19

Cavaliers at Pistons7:00 PMFSDT
Bulls at Celtics7:30 PMNBSB
Warriors at 76ers7:30 PMESPN
Spurs at Pacers8:00 PMTBD
Rockets at Heat8:00 PMATSW
Suns at Bucks8:00 PMFSAZ
Thunder at Wizards8:00 PMFSOK
Grizzlies at Nuggets9:00 PMTBD
Jazz at Lakers10:00 PMESPN

Tuesday, April 20

Magic at Hawks7:30 PMTBD
Nets at Pelicans7:30 PMTNT
Hornets at Knicks7:30 PMTBD
Clippers at Trail Blazers10:00 PMTNT
Timberwolves at Kings10:00 PMTBD

Wednesday, April 21

Bulls at Cavaliers7:00 PMTBD
Thunder at Pacers7:00 PMTBD
Suns at 76ers7:00 PMNBA TV
Warriors at Wizards7:00 PMTBD
Nets at Raptors7:00 PMTSN
Jazz at Rockets8:00 PMATRM
Hawks at Knicks8:00 PMTBD
Pistons at Mavericks8:30 PMFSSW
Heat at Spurs8:30 PMTBD
Grizzlies at Clippers10:00 PMNBA TV
Nuggets at Trail Blazers10:00 PMTSN
Timberwolves at Kings10:00 PMTBD

Thursday, April 22

Suns at Celtics7:00 PMFSAZ
76ers at Bucks7:00 PMTNT
Pelicans at Magic7:00 PMTBD
Pistons at Spurs8:30 PMTBD
Hornets at Bulls9:00 PMTBD
Lakers at Mavericks9:30 PMTNT

Friday, April 23

Heat at Hawks7:30 PMTBD
Celtics at Nets7:30 PMESPN
Clippers at Rockets8:00 PMATSW
Wizards at Thunder8:00 PMTBD
Cavaliers at Hornets8:00 PMTBD
Nuggets at Warriors10:00 PMESPN
Grizzlies at Trail Blazers10:00 PMNSNW

Saturday, April 24

Raptors at Knicks1:00 PMESPN
76ers at Bucks3:30 PMESPN
Pistons at Pacers7:00 PMTBD
Spurs at Pelicans8:00 PMTBD
Bulls at Heat8:00 PMTBD
Lakers at Mavericks8:30 PMTSN
Timberwolves at Jazz9:00 PMATRM
Rockets at Nuggets10:00 PMATSW

Sunday, April 25

Celtics at Hornets1:00 PMESPN
Suns at Nets3:30 PMESPN
Grizzlies at Trail Blazers4:00 PMNSNW
Cavaliers at Wizards7:00 PMTBD
Bucks at Hawks7:30 PMNBA TV
Pacers at Magic8:00 PMTBD
Kings at Warriors10:00 PMNBA TV

Monday, April 26

Hawks at Pistons7:00 PMTBD
Lakers at Magic7:00 PMTBD
Thunder at 76ers7:00 PMTBD
Spurs at Wizards7:00 PMTBD
Suns at Knicks7:30 PMNBA TV
Cavaliers at Raptors7:30 PMTSN
Clippers at Pelicans8:00 PMTBD
Bulls at Heat8:00 PMTBD
Jazz at Timberwolves8:00 PMATRM
Grizzlies at Nuggets9:00 PMAL2
Mavericks at Kings10:00 PMNBA TV

Tuesday, April 27

Thunder at Celtics7:00 PMTBD
Trail Blazers at Pacers7:00 PMTBD
Bucks at Hornets7:00 PMNBA TV
Nets at Raptors7:30 PMSNET
Timberwolves at Rockets8:00 PMATSW
Mavericks at Warriors9:30 PMTNT

Wednesday, April 28

Magic at Cavaliers7:00 PMTBD
Hawks at 76ers7:00 PMTBD
Lakers at Wizards7:00 PMTBD
Hornets at Celtics7:30 PMTBD
Bulls at Knicks7:30 PMESPN
Spurs at Heat8:00 PMTBD
Pelicans at Nuggets9:00 PMTBD
Trail Blazers at Grizzlies9:00 PMTBD
Clippers at Suns10:00 PMESPN
Jazz at Kings10:00 PMATRM

Thursday, April 29

Mavericks at Pistons7:00 PMTBD
Nets at Pacers7:00 PMNBA TV
Bucks at Rockets8:00 PMATSW
Warriors at Timberwolves8:00 PMTBD
Raptors at Nuggets9:00 PMSNET
Pelicans at Thunder9:00 PMTBD

Friday, April 30

Hawks at 76ers7:00 PMTBD
Spurs at Celtics7:30 PMTBD
Wizards at Cavaliers7:30 PMTBD
Trail Blazers at Nets8:00 PMNBA TV
Magic at Grizzlies8:00 PMTBD
Bucks at Bulls9:00 PMTBD
Jazz at Suns10:00 PMATRM
Kings at Lakers10:30 PMNBA TV

Saturday, May 1

Pistons at Hornets7:00 PMTBD
Warriors at Rockets7:30 PMESPN
Bulls at Hawks8:00 PMTBD
Heat at Cavaliers8:00 PMTBD
Pelicans at Timberwolves8:00 PMTBD
Grizzlies at Magic8:00 PMTBD
Pacers at Thunder8:00 PMTBD
Wizards at Mavericks9:00 PMTBD
Nuggets at Clippers10:00 PMESPN
Raptors at Jazz10:00 PMATRM

Sunday, May 2

Nets at Bucks3:30 PMABC
Trail Blazers at Celtics7:30 PMNBA TV
Kings at Mavericks8:00 PMTBA
Knicks at Rockets8:00 PMATSW
76ers at Spurs8:00 PMTBA
Suns at Thunder8:00 PMFSAZ
Heat at Hornets8:00 PMTBA
Raptors at Lakers10:00 PMNBA TV

Monday, May 3

Magic at Pistons7:00 PMTBD
Pacers at Wizards7:00 PMTBD
Warriors at Pelicans7:30 PMESPN
Trail Blazers at Hawks8:00 PMTBD
76ers at Bulls9:00 PMTBD
Knicks at Grizzlies9:00 PMTBD
Nuggets at Lakers10:00 PMESPN
Spurs at Jazz10:00 PMTBD

Tuesday, May 4

Hornets at Pistons7:00 PMFSDT
Suns at Cavaliers7:00 PMFSAZ
Nets at Bucks7:30 PMTNT
Warriors at Pelicans8:00 PMTBD
Mavericks at Heat8:00 PMTBD
Kings at Thunder8:00 PMTBD
Raptors at Clippers10:00 PMTNT

Wednesday, May 5

Celtics at Magic7:00 PMTBD
Trail Blazers at Cavaliers7:30 PMTBD
Suns at Hawks8:00 PMFSAZ
76ers at Rockets8:00 PMASW2
Kings at Pacers8:00 PMTBD
Grizzlies at Timberwolves8:00 PMTBD
Wizards at Bucks8:00 PMTBD
Knicks at Nuggets9:00 PMAL2
Spurs at Jazz9:00 PMNBA TV

Thursday, May 6

Bulls at Hornets7:00 PMTBD
Nets at Mavericks7:30 PMTNT
Wizards at Raptors7:30 PMSNET
Grizzlies at Pistons8:00 PMTBD
Hawks at Pacers8:00 PMTBD
Thunder at Warriors10:00 PMTBD
Lakers at Clippers10:00 PMTNT

Friday, May 7

Pelicans at 76ers7:00 PMTBD
Celtics at Bulls7:30 PMESPN
Magic at Hornets8:00 PMFSFL
Timberwolves at Heat8:00 PMTBD
Rockets at Bucks8:00 PMASW2
Cavaliers at Mavericks8:30 PMTBD
Knicks at Suns10:00 PMFSAZ
Lakers at Trail Blazers10:00 PMTSN
Spurs at Kings10:00 PMTBD
Nuggets at Jazz10:00 PMESPN

Saturday, May 8

Wizards at Pacers7:00 PMNBA TV
Pistons at 76ers7:00 PMTBD
Grizzlies at Raptors7:30 PMTSN
Nets at Nuggets10:00 PMNBA TV
Thunder at Warriors10:00 PMTBD
Spurs at Trail Blazers10:00 PMTBD
Rockets at Jazz10:00 PMATRM

Sunday, May 9

Heat at Celtics1:00 PMESPN
Knicks at Clippers3:30 PMPT
Mavericks at Cavaliers7:00 PMTSN
Timberwolves at Magic7:00 PMTBA
Pelicans at Hornets7:00 PMNBA TV
Bulls at Pistons8:00 PMFSDT
Suns at Lakers10:00 PMNBA TV
Thunder at Kings10:00 PMTBA

Monday, May 10

Wizards at Hawks7:30 PMNBA TV
Pacers at Cavaliers7:30 PMTBD
Pelicans at Grizzlies8:00 PMTSN
Bucks at Spurs8:30 PMTBD
Jazz at Warriors10:00 PMNBA TV
Rockets vs Trail Blazers10:00 PMASW2