NBA Power Rankings for 2021-22 Season

NBA regular season 2021-22 Week 25 games are ongoing. The Milwaukee Bucks (48-30) currently leading the No 1 seed in the league, Phoenix Suns (62-16), and Memphis Grizzlies (55-23) are behind in the NBA power ranking and playoff race. On the other hand, Orlando Magic (20-59) is currently seeded as the worst team in the league.

Here we have updated each team’s current rank according to their present performance, win-loss, player’s form, injury, and much more.

RankTeamRecordPrevious rankingPlayoff chancesChance of winning Finals
1Milwaukee Bucks48-30199%78%
2Phoenix Suns62-14299%75%
3Memphis Grizzlies55-23399%60%
4Boston Celtics49-30798%73%
5Golden State Warriors50-291099%50%
6Philadelphia 76ers48-30497%47%
7Miami Heat51-28697%41%
8Dallas Mavericks49-30597%29%
9Denver Nuggets47-32899%27%
10Brooklyn Nets40-371290%54%
11Toronto Raptors45-33970%25%
12Minnesota Timberwolves45-341170%13%
13Utah Jazz46-321460%18%
14Chicago Bulls45-331355%12%
15Atlanta Hawks41-371554%17%
16Charlotte Hornets40-381753%7%
17Cleveland Cavaliers43-361951%4%
18LA Clippers39-401650%5%
19New Orleans Pelicans34-441845%7%
20San Antonio Spurs33-452035%1%
21New York Knicks35-44230%0%
22Washington Wizards34-44210%0%
23Sacramento Kings29-502211%0%
24Los Angeles Lakers31-47242%0%
25Indiana Pacers25-52250%0%
26Portland Trail Blazers27-51260%0%
27Detroit Pistons23-56290%0%
28Oklahoma City Thunder23-55280%0%
29Houston Rockets20-59300%0%
30Orlando Magic20-59270%0%