NBA Standings for 2023 Western, Eastern playoff picture

The 2022-23 NBA regular season will be played 82 games per team. This latest NBA standing of the league’s Eastern Conference, Western conference’s point table, and the playoff picture for the 2023 NBA Playoff race. This table shows you each game-by-game updated point chart that helps you to know, how many games each team played, how many are remaining, who is in the play-in round, and the race to clinch the playoff seeds from the Eastern Conference and Western Conference for the next postseason round.

How does the NBA playoff picture work?

You need to know that only sixteen league teams of thirty teams can reach the postseason rounds, eight teams from every year. Six highest point-getters from Eastern Conference and six from Western Conference will be selected for the playoffs, and under four teams of them from each conference will play in the play-in tournament and two winning teams will be seeded.

Who is the #1 team in the NBA 2022-2023?

The winning team with the highest points in a season from East and West conferences is the No. #1 team in NBA.

See what team clinched the 2023 playoff birth, who is the #1 team in the NBA right now including the NBA team power ranking, who is in the play-in round, and the worst basketball team, and who is out if the season ended today, you can get all your queries from here below.

Atlantic, Central, and Southeast division standings

Eastern Conference

1. Clinched PlayoffsBucks52200.722030-77-3W2
2. Clinched PlayoffsCeltics50230.6852.526-95-5W1
3. Clinched Playoffs76ers49230.681326-119-1W1
4. Clinched PlayoffsCavaliers47280.6276.529-88-2W3
5. Clinched PlayoffsKnicks42330.5611.520-174-6L3
6. Clinched PlayoffsHeat40340.5411325-137-3W2
7. Play-InNets39340.53413.519-164-6L5
8. Play-InHawks36370.49316.520-154-6L1
9. Play-InRaptors35380.47917.523-144-6L2
10. Play-InBulls34380.4721820-176-4L1
11. OutPacers33400.45219.519-175-5W1
12. OutWizards32410.43820.516-192-8L4
13. OutMagic31430.4192218-194-6W2
14. OutHornets23510.3113012-243-7L1
15. OutPistons16570.21936.59-291-9L4

Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest division standings

Western Conference

1. Clinched PlayoffsNuggets49240.671030-65-5W2
2. Clinched PlayoffsGrizzlies45270.6253.531-57-3W4
3. Clinched PlayoffsKings43290.5975.521-156-4L2
4. Clinched PlayoffsSuns38340.52810.523-125-5L2
5. Clinched PlayoffsClippers39350.52710.520-176-4W1
6. Clinched PlayoffsWarriors38360.51411.529-74-6W2
7. Play-InTimberwolves37370.512.521-175-5W2
8. Play-InMavericks36370.4931322-154-6L2
9. Play-InLakers36370.4931320-176-4W2
10. Play-InPelicans36370.4931324-135-5W3
11. OutThunder36370.4931322-157-3L1
12. OutJazz35370.48613.522-144-6L1
13. OutTrail Blazers32400.44416.517-183-7W1
14. OutSpurs19540.263013-253-7L2
15. OutRockets18550.2473112-264-6L3


W – Wins, L – Losses, WIN% – Win Percentage, GB – Games Behind, CONF – Record Against Conference Opponents, HOME – Home Record, AWAY – Away Record, L10 – Last Ten Record, STRK – Win Streak.