2024 NBA trade deadline is set on Thursday, Feb. 8

The league has an extensive history of transactions at the trade deadline. In the last season, 50 players changed their teams. The regular season has ends 30 teams will be free to build trade again.

The NBA trade deadline is officially set during the 2023-24 season. All deals will start at 3:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, Feb 8. Which players are traded, and which teams are active in trade? Read this article and get everything about the NBA trade deadline.

After February 8, no trades are allowed for the 2023-24 season. Watch every official trade on NBA Trade Tracker deals have been approved by the league and released by the teams. Houston Rockets traded to the Memphis Grizzlies Steven Adams.

What players traded for the 2023-24 NBA season?

In the 2023-24 NBA regular season, multiple teams have been traded already. Five teams are active in the trade deadline. Philadelphia 76ers traded the biggest star, James Harden in November.

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