How to watch NBA on iPhone and iPad (2023-2024)

NBA live stream on iPhone and iPad

The closure of the NBA regular season kickstarts a lot of excitement among basketball lovers since the playoffs will get underway soon. In case you will be spending time on the road, do not panic! Interestingly, you can opt to watch these games from your iPad or iPhone. Below are a few streaming options available for iOS devices.

What to watch 2023-2024 NBA season

  • NBA 2023-2024 season: October-June 2024
  • NBA All-Star weekend Feb. 16-18 at Gainbridge Fieldhouse
  • NBA 2024 playoffs begin in April 2024
  • NBA finals game 1 on June 2024

NBA League Pass is perhaps the principal streaming option for iOS devices. NBA League Pass keeps you updated on news, scores, and stats of the game. Moreover, it streams all matches live on your iPad or iPhone. You only need to make a one-time payment which will last you the whole season.

NBA League Pass operates via the NBA game time app for iPad and iPhone. This app is a free download and will require you to upgrade to an NBA league pass for a few dollars during the whole playoffs. Interestingly, while you would have to pay quite a large amount of money for the whole season, one can get a special discount if you pay late for the playoffs only. Besides, you can get a chargeless trial for one day to weigh out whether you would like to pay for the subscription or not.

In case you are a Sprint customer, things can only be better. You can get a 20% exemption, leaving you to only pay less for the entire NBA playoffs season. Regrettably, this exclusive offer is for iPhones only, leaving tablets out for unknown reasons. If you want to watch games on your iPad, you will have to pay more cash for NBA League Pass Broadband. However, keep in mind that a reader once suggested that the mobile package works just well on the iPad.

NBA League Pass will allow you to watch all the playoff games live. Nevertheless, you won’t manage to watch your home team since blackout restrictions are implemented. Of course, you will be able to watch if you are in a location outside the blackout region. However, MLB’s version of League Pass allows bypassing the blackout restrictions, and thus, you can try the version with the NBA app.

You can get access to the schedules, scores, highlights, stats, and replays through the NBA Game Time App. However, the app does not live stream the games. You’ll manage to see when the playoff games start thus not missing any of them. Set yourself a reminder for the time the game begins. You will barely just pay for the live streaming of the games as all of this is free.

NBA League Pass operates on 3G or 4G data networks as well as WIFI connections. Of course, live streaming will require a solid connection to get the ideal quality. This will require you to be careful about the strength of your signal. Moreover, if one is not on an unlimited data plan, live streaming NBA games on a data connection will drain flat your available data bank within no time.

Alternative options

You can stream live NBA games using the WatchESPN app. Certainly, this applies when you have a cable subscription with Dish Network, Comcast, Google Fiber, Verizon FIOS, Cox, and Time Warner Cable among others. WatchESPN app is a free download and requires you to pay no extra money to stream the games. This is quite a nice bonus. Naturally, you can also access NBA League Pass through mobile if you have a cable subscription too.

As long as you got cable, you probably have all the NBA games you wish to watch. However, cable plans are not created equal and you might miss the right channel for an important playoff match. Also, you may be away from home during a classic playoff game. In such cases, mobile streaming alternatives come in handy.

If you opt to watch playoff games on your TV and you have no cable subscription, get yourself a Roku streaming box or an Apple TV. If you have a PlayStation or an Xbox, you can watch NBA games on these devices too. This will give you the chance to watch the playoff games live on your television, granted you pay the full price for the earlier mentioned NBA League Pass Broadband.

NBA League Pass makes it possible to access NBA live games without necessarily paying for a cable subscription. Although it can be a bit costly, it is undoubtedly not as much as one would pay for a complete year of cable.

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