Learn NBA’s digital marketing strategy for 2020 you need to know

Digital marketing includes advertising, promoting, and enhancing the online presence of companies through digital platforms. To the NBA, this is not news. According to the record number of viewership in years the NBA is the most popular sports league above the NFL and MLB in the United States. For example in 2018 the highest number of tweets recorded about NBA season which is above any other sports league in the US. Twitter users can watch game highlights clicking by #NBARapidReplay, this is why it’s growing fastly. Due to digital marketing, the NBA Finals that happened in 2017 had more than 20 million streaming viewers in 200 plus countries globally.

Why did the NBA succeed in digital marketing?

The NBA has an incredible digital presence, with countless followers among different social media channels. They also used many tactics. Some of the digital tactics included in “digital marketing” are digital advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and online brochures. Unlike other offline marketing efforts, digital marketing enables accurate results in real-time. During digital marketing, you can easily measure your investment return from any aspect of your marketing efforts.

Who did the NBA manage to reach a broad audience?

For the NBA to gain fantastic results in 2017, they use some of the best digital marketing strategies:

Social media marketing

It is an effective method in digital marketing strategies. Social media marketing tools participate in many social media sites. The NBA has an incredible digital presence, with countless followers across different social media channels, including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Reddit. These tools are very useful in reaching people around the world in a few seconds. The use or implementation of social media strategies gave 100% NBA results in social media marketing campaigns.

Content marketing

The NBA realizes that its fans want content, and they channel it to them. To start, each team in the alliance employed a specialist to compose different game summaries, articles, and stories on their respective sites. Why is content so valuable in digital marketing or online marketing? Content belongs to all chapters of digital marketing, and it works as a sales executive. So here, the material acts as the representative on behalf of the NBA. Therefore, the content will attract more visitors to their website when unique content is posted online.

Another way the NBA provides the content to its fan base is by utilizing several more experts to do exclusively for the group’s site. This site offers fans a space to come together to see everything that happens with their best teams. This precise strategy can and should be used by your brand. Creating content on your site about your business and your industry creates a place for your focused audience to search for valuable information.

Other types of strategy used by NBA

Furthermore, the purpose of digital marketing is to inform, enrich, entertain, and attract the target audience. This type of marketing involves posting messages and ideas through text, photos, videos, graphics, and anything else that helps draw Internet users’ attention. User participation is sought, and companies have the opportunity to create real-time interaction with their target audience. As a result, companies can obtain opinions and opinions from their customers and, consequently, can take steps to resolve their problems or complaints. Also, measurable results are given that provide an opportunity to know what is going well and what is not happening.

The use of mobile marketing

The word sounds familiar to all of us, as people are very familiar with this device. Therefore, this was one of the most crucial marketing factors that the NBA used. For example, fans can buy an NBA Official Pass to watch every game on their TVs, smartphones, PCs, or other Internet-connected devices and also purchasing their favorite player’s jersey or team at the NBA online store. The important thing in digital marketing is very easy to adapt and communicate with the target audience that can be worldwide. There are many chapters in the digital marketing arena that come with different units.

Numerous marketing specialists strive to discover a platform that conveys reason, creates unique encounters, and builds your brand for the long term. The NBA has made a good demonstration of its brand. In an extremely harmful media condition, the NBA presents a hopeful, realistic, and complete dream. That is something we can all achieve.

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