New York Knicks Roster 2022 and Starting Lineup Today

Here are the New York Knicks’ common questions and answers about the Knicks starting lineup, starting five, who plays most matches, minutes, points, rebounds, assists, and more of the 2021-22 NBA season.

Who is the starting 5 for the Knicks today?

Julius Randle, R.J. Barrett, Alec Burks, Evan Fournier, and Mitchell Robinson are the five currently active Knicks starters for the 2021-22 season’s game today. Knicks change their starting lineup often depending on players’ injury, worst performances, or some undisclosed reasons.

Who plays the most minutes for the Knicks?

Julius Randle has played fifty-eight games in the league averaging 35.7 min and 19.7 points the most and R.J. Barrett averaging 33.2 min with 18.6 points in 49 games lead as the second starter for the Knicks.

Who is the worst Knicks starter?

Matt Mooney is the worst starter for the Knicks plays averaging 1.9 min in 1 game averaging no scores are made, and it is also his fewest minutes with the team in the league.

Who is the current head coach of the New York Knicks?

Tom Thibodeau is the head coach of the New York Knicks basketball team since 2020.

Here is the Knicks’ position, age, height, weight, pre-draft team, draft status, and nationality you need to know.

Jalen DurenC6′ 11″250 lbs18RMemphis
Trevor KeelsG6′ 5″221 lbs18RDuke
1Obi ToppinF6′ 9″220 lbs242Dayton
2Miles McBrideG6′ 1″195 lbs211West Virginia
3Nerlens NoelC-F6′ 11″220 lbs288Kentucky
4Derrick RoseG6′ 2″200 lbs3313Memphis
5Immanuel QuickleyG6′ 3″190 lbs232Kentucky
6Quentin GrimesG6′ 4″210 lbs221Houston
8Kemba WalkerG6′ 0″184 lbs3211Connecticut
9RJ BarrettF-G6′ 6″214 lbs223Duke
11Feron HuntF6′ 8″195 lbs221Southern Methodist
13Evan FournierG-F6′ 6″205 lbs2910Poitiers Basket 86
18Alec BurksG6′ 6″214 lbs3011Colorado
21Cam ReddishF-G6′ 8″217 lbs223Duke
23Mitchell RobinsonC-F7′ 0″240 lbs244Western Kentucky
30Julius RandleF-C6′ 8″250 lbs278Kentucky
45Jericho SimsC6′ 9″250 lbs231Texas-Austin
51Ryan ArcidiaconoG6′ 3″195 lbs285Villanova
67Taj GibsonF6′ 9″232 lbs3713Southern California

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