How To Watch the NBA live on the UK TV channel

The NBA season 2022-23 is ongoing, but if you are not in a licensed country, then the chances of you watching it grow slimmer by day. If you are in the UK, you may not be able to watch NBA postseason games using the usual cable TV due to geo-blocking restrictions. Sky Sports, Now TV Sky Sports Pass, BT Sport, and Virgin Media TV are the most reliable ways to watch online despite using a VPN. However, this is no reason for you to fret.

In the UK, Sky Sports has the right to access the NBA playoffs. If you are not a full sky subscriber, your other option would be to access the TV sky sports pass, which allows you to watch the games. This pass comes in daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions that give you authority to the playoffs. Do you need more information? Read on:

Sky Sports-Daily pass

Do you want to watch one or two matches in a day? This subscription has you covered. It‘s cheap and convenient for your access. Go for it.

Sky Sports-Weekly pass

With these subscriptions, you can watch several matches; it has access to matches for seven days before it’s disconnected. It’s available and cheap.

Sky Sports-Monthly pass

Are you looking forward to catching the whole season? Sky Sports’ monthly pass is the way to go. This package gives you access to the whole league. You also have the option of canceling the subscription any time you want.

What channel do the 2023 NBA playoffs on in the UK?

The 2023 NBA playoffs live on Sky Sports, Now TV Sky Sports Pass, and BT Sport TV channel in the UK.

Below are highlighted tips on how the NBA games are carried out.

Television Networks: Sky Sports, Now TV Sky Sports Pass, BT Sport
Stream: Sky Sports, Now TV, BT Sport app
Live scores: SN scoreboard

How do you watch the NBA online?

The 2023 NBA playoffs will be divided between ABC ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT in the US. The fast and second-round games will be streamed through all other networks, including several primetime matchups on local Bally Sports, and NBC.

ESPN owns exclusive broadcast authority to the eastern conference finals. TNT covers the western conference finals throughout the 2022 NBA season. Every game during finals will be aired through ABC.

The essential outlets for live streaming for the 2022-23 NBA season are ESPN and TNT, easily accessible by downloading.

NBA League Pass

If you are a huge fan and never want to miss a moment you can subscribe NBA annual pass at £42.99 which is the best option for you than the £24.99 monthly pass, get also a seven-day free trial.

How much does it cost?

Due to the high number of fans who aim to watch the NBA, there is a drastic rise in their TV services. Sky Sports has continuously increased the price of the day pass by a further pound.

Previously a day pass, which gives customers 24 hours of access to sports channels, would cost £7.99. Now the same pass goes for £9.99. The day pass seems to be more expensive compared to the weekly and monthly subscriptions

The big questions remain for customers; can you afford the daily pass? If your answer is no! read more in this article

The decision to increase the price of daily passes seems frustrating, but this strategy may force customers to choose weekly or monthly subscriptions or even their full-time subscriptions.

Now TV has the best deal for you! One of the most significant advantages is that it does not bind its customers into a fixed-time contract, it continues to be seen whatever the successive price increase will have on Sky.

How do you watch the NBA online?

Sometimes you might be away from your usual place where you watch games but worry less because we have you covered. Do you know you can watch the NBA online?

You can still get the live stream via Virtual Private Network (VPN) How do you access VPN? When you have an android phone or laptop and internet connectivity, you can use a web browser to access YouTube, where the NBA playoffs are streamed live.

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