NBA’s Highest-paid player

NBA’s first salary cap was introduced in 1984-85. Each NBA franchise can spend a maximum of the dollar amount on its players for the season. Larry Bird was the first player won of $7 million in the 1991-91 season.

Who is the Highest-paid NBA player in the 2022-2023 season?

Four-time Champions Golden State Warriors Point Guard Stephen Curry is the Highest-paid salary of $51,915,615 in 2022-23.

Highest-paid NBA Players by Season

2026–27Damian Lillard$63,228,828Portland Trail Blazers
2025–26Stephen Curry$59,606,817Golden State Warriors
2024–25Stephen Curry$55,761,216Golden State Warriors
2023–24Stephen Curry$51,915,615Golden State Warriors
2022–23Stephen Curry$48,070,014Golden State Warriors
2021–22Stephen Curry$45,780,966Golden State Warriors
2020–21Stephen Curry$43,006,362Golden State Warriors
2019–20Stephen Curry$40,231,758Golden State Warriors
2018–19Stephen Curry$37,457,154Golden State Warriors
2017–18Stephen Curry$34,682,550Golden State Warriors
2016–17LeBron James$30,963,450Cleveland Cavaliers
2015–16Kobe Bryant$25,000,000Los Angeles Lakers
2014–15Kobe Bryant$23,500,000Los Angeles Lakers
2013–14Kobe Bryant$30,453,805Los Angeles Lakers
2012–13Kobe Bryant$30,453,805Los Angeles Lakers
2011–12Kobe Bryant$25,244,493Los Angeles Lakers
2010–11Kobe Bryant$24,806,250Los Angeles Lakers
2009–10Kobe Bryant$23,034,375Los Angeles Lakers
2008–09Kevin Garnett$24,751,934Boston Celtics
2007–08Kevin Garnett$23,751,934Boston Celtics
2006–07Kevin Garnett$21,000,000Minnesota Timberwolves
2005–06Shaquille O’Neal$20,000,000Shaquille O’Neal
2004–05Shaquille O’Neal$27,696,430Miami Heat
2003–04Kevin Garnett$28,000,000Minnesota Timberwolves
2002–03Kevin Garnett$25,200,000Minnesota Timberwolves
2001–02Kevin Garnett$22,400,000Minnesota Timberwolves
2000–01Kevin Garnett$19,600,000Minnesota Timberwolves
1999–2000Shaquille O’Neal$17,142,000Los Angeles Lakers
1998–99Patrick Ewing$18,500,000New York Knicks
1997–98Michael Jordan$33,140,000Chicago Bulls
1996–97Michael Jordan$30,140,000Chicago Bulls
1995–96Patrick Ewing$18,724,000New York Knicks
1994–95Magic Johnson$14,660,000Los Angeles Lakers
1993–94David Robinson$5,740,000San Antonio Spurs
1992–93David Robinson$5,720,000San Antonio Spurs
1991–92Larry Bird$7,070,000Boston Celtics
1990–91Patrick Ewing$4,250,000New York Knicks
1989–90Patrick Ewing$3,750,000New York Knicks
1988–89Patrick Ewing$3,250,000New York Knicks
1987–88Patrick Ewing$2,750,000New York Knicks
1986–87Magic Johnson$2,500,000Los Angeles Lakers
1985–86Magic Johnson$2,500,000Los Angeles Lakers
1984–85Magic Johnson$2,500,000Los Angeles Lakers

2022-23 NBA Players Highest Earners List:

1Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors$48,070,014
2Russell WestbrookLos Angeles Lakers/Utah Jazz$47,063,478
3LeBron JamesLos Angeles Lakers$44,474,988
4Bradley BealWashington Wizards$43,279,250
5Kevin DurantBrooklyn Nets/Phoenix Suns$42,969,845
6Paul GeorgeLos Angeles Clippers$42,492,568
7Kawhi LeonardLos Angeles Clippers$42,492,492
8Damian LillardPortland Trail Blazers$42,492,492
9Giannis AntetokounmpoMilwaukee Bucks$42,492,492
10Klay ThompsonGolden State Warriors$40,600,080

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