National Basketball Association – NBA

National Basketball Association (NBA)
National Basketball Association (NBA)

There are thirty teams that composed the current National Basketball Association (NBA). This is not only a professional league in North America but also the top men’s basketball league in the world. In 1946, the league was founded in New York City named Basketball Association of America (BAA) but it was merged with the Nation Basketball League (NBL) and changed its name to National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1949. The athletes in the National Basketball Association are paid the best when compared to the average salary per professional athlete.

In the beginning, in 1946, there were eleven teams that started the National Basketball League (NBL). NBA’s 30 professional teams are split into two conferences, Eastern Conference and Western Conference. 29 teams in these two conferences are located in the United States. Five teams of each, Atlantic, Southeast, and Central divisions make up the Eastern Conference. The Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest divisions make up the Western Conference. One National Basketball Association team is located in Canada.

It was during the 1950s to the 1970s that the National Basketball Association began to surge. The league expanded and largely grew in the number of teams it acquired. Teams popped up in many different cities. Teams in Chicago, Phoenix, and Houston appeared. The seventies, eighties, and nineties were a time that the National Basketball Association began to expand even more and become very popular.

After the summer break, the teams start their training. Pre-season games follow training season. Each Team plays eighty-two games in the regular season. Forty-one of these games are played at home and the other forty-one games are played away. Each team will play all the other teams. The National Hockey League is also unique in this way. Not too many professional teams play all the other teams in the league. The National Basketball Association is the only league that typically plays on Christmas Day since the second season.

TV Partners

The entire NBA league has official TV partners. ABC/ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT TV channels air the league’s games in the United States, and NBA TV, TSN/TSN2, and Sportsnet/Sportsnet One will air in Canada.


Eastern ConferenceWestern Conference
Atlanta HawksDallas Mavericks
Boston CelticsDenver Nuggets
Brooklyn NetsGolden State Warriors
Charlotte HornetsHouston Rockets
Cleveland CavaliersLos Angeles Clippers
Chicago BullsLos Angeles Lakers
Philadelphia 76ersMemphis Grizzlies
Indiana PacersMinnesota Timberwolves
Detroit PistonsNew Orleans Pelicans
Miami HeatOklahoma City Thunder
Milwaukee BucksPhoenix Suns
New York KnicksPortland Trail Blazers
Orlando MagicSacramento Kings
Toronto RaptorsSan Antonio Spurs
Washington WizardsUtah Jazz

The All-Star Game for the league is usually played in February. This weekend, the regular season is stopped due to this major game. Votes are tallied from fans and coaches to select the top players for the All-Star Game. The top player that performs the best in the game will be awarded the Game MVP award. There are multiple games played during All-Star Weekend.

NBA Playoffs

The NBA’s regular season typically begins in October and runs to April. After ending the regular season and playoffs begin with sixteen teams, eight come from each conference, and only two teams compete for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy in the NBA championship games.


When the regular season ends in mid-April, voting for awards begins. Several types of awards are given during this time. The Rookie of The Year Award is given out to the best first-year player. The coach Of The Year Award is given out to the coach that has the best performance. The most Improved Player Award, Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award, and Defensive Player Of The Year Award are among the other awards that are given out.