Miami Heat Roster 2022 and Starting Lineup Today

Here are the Miami Heat’s common questions and answers about the Heat starting lineup, starting five, who plays most matches, minutes, points, rebounds, assists, and more of the 2021-22 NBA season.

Who is the starting 5 for the Heat today?

Jimmy Butler, Duncan Robinson, Bam Adebayo, Kyle Lowry, and P.J. Tucker are the five currently active Heat starters for the 2021-22 season’s game today. Heat changes their starting lineup often depending on players’ injury, worst performances, or some undisclosed reasons.

Who plays the most minutes for the Heat?

Tyler Herro has played forty-seven games in the league averaging 32.6 min and 20.1 points the most and Jimmy Butler averaging 34.3 min with 21.8 points in 41 games lead as the second starter for the Heat.

Who is the worst Heat starter?

Nik Stauskas is the worst starter for the Heat plays averaging 11.8 min in 2 games averaging 5.5 points are scored, and it is also his fewest minutes with the team in the league.

Who is the current head coach of the Miami Heat?

Erik Spoelstra is the head coach of the Miami Heat basketball team since 2008.

Here is the Heat’s position, age, height, weight, pre-draft team, draft status, and nationality you need to know.

Nikola JovicF6′ 10″205 lbs19R
2Gabe VincentG6′ 3″200 lbs263California-Santa Barbara
4Victor OladipoG6′ 4″213 lbs309Indiana
7Kyle LowryG6′ 0″196 lbs3616Villanova
8Markieff MorrisF6′ 9″245 lbs3211Kansas
12Mychal MulderG6′ 3″195 lbs283Kentucky
13Bam AdebayoC-F6′ 9″255 lbs245Kentucky
14Tyler HerroG6′ 5″195 lbs223Kentucky
15Javonte SmartG6′ 4″205 lbs231Louisiana State
16Caleb MartinF6′ 5″205 lbs263Nevada-Reno
17P.J. TuckerF6′ 5″245 lbs3711Texas-Austin
21Dewayne DedmonC7′ 0″245 lbs329Southern California
22Jimmy ButlerF6′ 7″230 lbs3211Marquette
24Haywood HighsmithF6′ 4″220 lbs252Wheeling Jesuit
31Max StrusG-F6′ 5″215 lbs263DePaul
40Udonis HaslemF6′ 8″235 lbs4219Florida
55Duncan RobinsonF6′ 7″215 lbs284Michigan
77Omer YurtsevenC6′ 11″275 lbs241Georgetown

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