Los Angeles Clippers – Perennial loser to consistently playoffs contender

The Los Angeles Clippers have never played in the NBA Finals when it is founded in 1970. You need to know how they make them as a highly balanced postseason contender since 2021.

Los Angeles Clippers famously known as the LA Clippers are a basketball team based in Los Angeles and is part of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and members of the Pacific Division in the Western Conference. Staples Center is where this team plays its home games, but they share the arena with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Sparks (American WNBA team), and the Los Angeles Kings (NHL team).

The LA Clippers founded in 1970 as the Buffalo Braves and were based in Buffalo from 1970–1978. The Clippers have joined in the NBA as the Buffalo Braves as an expansion team. Their coach was Bob McAdoo led the team eight seasons who guided the team into its playoffs which happened three times.

In 1978, LA Clippers were forced to relocate from Buffalo to San Diego, California due to conflicts against the Canisius Golden Griffins (New York-based Men’s basketball team). This resulted in the team changing their name again from Buffalo Braves to San Diego Clippers. The team was in San Diego for six years and during this time, they did not get any success when it came to the playoffs. This led to them moving to Los Angeles in 1984 by new owner Donald Sterling. This move had not been approved by the NBA and this caused a lot of chaos. The then-owner Donald Sterling had decided to do things without consulting the NBA.

What everything you need to know about the Los Angeles Clippers.

NicknameLA Clippers
Arena/StadiumStaples Center
Team colorsRed, blue, black, silver, white
Main sponsorHoney
Net worth$2.75B (Forbes)
Head coachTyronn Lue
OwnerSteve Ballmer
Conference titles0
Division titles2 (2013, 2014)

The NBA was furious about this and even threatened to dissolve the team if they did not go back to San Diego. Donald Sterling fought to have them remain in Los Angeles which did happen. In Los Angeles, the first twenty-seven seasons were a bit slow for the Clippers as they were not making it happen in the games they were playing. They seeded in the playoffs four times and won only one playoff round during these seasons which was a huge failure. Due to this, they were getting a lot of undesirable comments and comparisons with other successful American Professional Basketball teams.

The LA Clippers is improving after a long time from the 2010s become a postseason contenders. The team even qualified for the NBA Playoffs which was possible because of Lob City, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and Chris Paul. This happened from 2011-2017 where the team got the opportunity to win two division titles consecutively in their five postseason qualifications. They won division titles in 2013 and 2014 which were their highest success in the franchise history. Unfortunately, these wins did not continue multiplying as the Los Angeles Clippers struggled to advance to the conference semifinals. In 2017, the team brought Jerry West to act as their consultant for he was well-known for being successful with the LA Lakers.

The 2019-2020 season was suspended but luckily, the Clippers got the chance to be among the twenty-two teams invited to participate in the final games of a regular season. The Clippers did not manage to win their first conference semifinals which was a disappointment for many. Doc Rivers, who was head coach, stepped down from his position a week after this occurrence. The Los Angeles Clippers fans are still loyal to the team and hope that they will turn things around for the best. It would be amazing seeing the team making wins at a higher level.

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