2022-23 Iowa Wolves Schedule

November 6, 2021Sioux Falls Skyforce 100 at Iowa Wolves 115TBD
November 8, 2021Sioux Falls Skyforce 125 at Iowa Wolves 129TBD
November 15, 2021Grand Rapids Gold 109 at Iowa Wolves 124TBD
November 17, 2021Grand Rapids Gold 121 at Iowa Wolves 110TBD
November 27, 2021Iowa Wolves 125 at Motor City Cruise 117TBD
November 29, 2021Iowa Wolves 97 at Motor City Cruise 105TBD
December 6, 2021Iowa Wolves 104 at Cleveland Charge 107TBD
December 7, 2021Iowa Wolves 118 at Cleveland Charge 131TBD
December 10, 2021Iowa Wolves 103 at Fort Wayne Mad Ants 105TBD
December 11, 2021Iowa Wolves 110 at Fort Wayne Mad Ants 105TBD
December 13, 2021Wisconsin Herd 102 at Iowa Wolves 113TBD
December 16, 2021Wisconsin Herd 131 at Iowa Wolves 117TBD
December 20, 2021Iowa Wolves 89 at Capital City Go-Go 106 (Las Vegas)TBD
December 22, 2021Greensboro Swarm 101 at Iowa Wolves 113 (Las Vegas)TBD
December 28, 2021Stockton Kings at Iowa WolvesTBD
December 30, 2021Stockton Kings at Iowa WolvesTBD
January 1, 2022Rio Grande Valley Vipers at Iowa WolvesTBD
January 3, 2022Rio Grande Valley Vipers at Iowa WolvesTBD
January 6, 2022Iowa Wolves 106 at Sioux Falls Skyforce 94TBD
January 8, 2022Iowa Wolves 115 at Birmingham Squadron 113TBD
January 13, 2022Memphis Hustle 102 at Iowa Wolves 117TBD
January 16, 2022Iowa Wolves 113 at South Bay Lakers 99TBD
January 18, 2022Iowa Wolves 92 at Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario 113TBD
January 23, 2022Texas Legends 85 at Iowa Wolves 111TBD
January 25, 2022Texas Legends 135 at Iowa Wolves 118TBD
January 27, 2022Iowa Wolves 108 at Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario 116TBD
January 28, 2022Iowa Wolves 80 at Stockton Kings 76TBD
February 2, 2022Iowa Wolves 103 at Memphis Hustle 111TBD
February 5, 2022Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario 133 at Iowa Wolves 111TBD
February 7, 2022Austin Spurs 115 at Iowa Wolves 121TBD
February 8, 2022Austin Spurs 118 at Iowa Wolves 115TBD
February 10, 2022Iowa Wolves 111 at Memphis Hustle 106TBD
February 14, 2022Santa Cruz Warriors 119 at Iowa Wolves 113TBD
February 23, 2022Salt Lake City Stars 109 at Iowa Wolves 116TBD
February 28, 2022Iowa Wolves 109 at Salt Lake City Stars 113TBD
March 2, 2022Iowa Wolves 122 at Salt Lake City Stars 126TBD
March 4, 2022Iowa Wolves 107 at Oklahoma City Blue 103TBD
March 6, 2022Sioux Falls Skyforce 115 at Iowa Wolves 89TBD
March 9, 2022Iowa Wolves 113 at Birmingham Squadron 117TBD
March 11, 2022Iowa Wolves 106 at Rio Grande Valley Vipers 124TBD
March 13, 2022Iowa Wolves 97 at Austin Spurs 91TBD
March 14, 2022Iowa Wolves 109 at Texas Legends 115TBD
March 16, 2022South Bay Lakers 114 at Iowa Wolves 106TBD
March 18, 2022South Bay Lakers 121 at Iowa Wolves 125TBD
March 20, 2022Iowa Wolves 110 at Sioux Falls Skyforce 105TBD
March 23, 2022Iowa Wolves 102 at Santa Cruz Warriors 111TBD
March 25, 2022Iowa Wolves 112 at Santa Cruz Warriors 116TBD
March 29, 2022Birmingham Squadron 114 at Iowa Wolves 106TBD
March 31, 2022Oklahoma City Blue 106 at Iowa Wolves 111TBD
April 1, 2022Oklahoma City Blue 114 at Iowa Wolves 124TBD