Chicago Bulls vs Oklahoma City Thunder all time playoff record

The Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder face each other a total of 6 postseason games their all-time playoffs series where the Bulls won 4 games and the Thunder won 2 games.

Here is the following list below includes how many head-to-head games both teams played in the playoffs with when, where, scores, overtimes, series status, and more you need to know.

1996 NBA playoffs Finals

Head-to-HeadWhenWhereScoreSeries Status
6Jun 16, 1996Seattle Supersonics at Chicago Bulls75 – 87Bulls 4-2
5Jun 14, 1996Seattle Supersonics at Chicago Bulls89 – 78Bulls 3-2
4Jun 12, 1996Seattle Supersonics vs Chicago Bulls107 – 86Bulls 3-1
3Jun 9, 1996Seattle Supersonics vs Chicago Bulls86 – 108Bulls 3-0
2Jun 7, 1996Seattle Supersonics at Chicago Bulls88 – 92Bulls 2-0
1Jun 5, 1996Seattle Supersonics at Chicago Bulls90 – 107Bulls 1-0

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