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For the second straight season, the Brooklyn Nets will be headed to the postseason. After 60 games, Brooklyn is just 27-33, but they remain eighth in the Eastern Conference standings. The Nets have a four-game advantage over their closest threat, Washington.

Despite losing four in a row before a March 3 game at Boston, the Nets remain a favorite to make the postseason. According to the recent Basketball Power Index (BPI), Brooklyn has a 98 percent chance to secure a playoff berth.

When the last time the Nets made in the playoffs?

If the Nets have made the playoffs, they will clinch the back to back 2019-20 playoff seed and total 5 times in their 8 seasons.

Are the Brooklyn Nets going to the 2020 playoffs?

If the NBA regular season 2019-20 stopped today the Nets clinched the playoff berth as a seventh seed.

How many finals do the Nets have?

The Brooklyn has never won the NBA finals, they lost Eastern Conference Semifinals in 2014.

When was Brooklyn Nets missed the playoffs for the last time?

The Nets missed the playoffs in 2018

8th Seed Likely

Brooklyn is 24 games out of first place in the East. So is Orlando (27-34). The Nets have a 56 percent chance of winding up eighth, but still, have a 36 percent chance of taking seventh place. Taking the eighth seed means facing top-seeded Milwaukee, which beat the Nets by 20 earlier this season. Brooklyn still has two remaining games with the Bucks.

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The Nets didn’t fare much better against Toronto going 1-3 for the season. They did, however, win the final game of this year’s series back on Feb. 12.

7th Seed…Not So Much

While the Nets might rather face Toronto in Round 1 of the postseason, surpassing Orlando is going to be difficult. In fact, it might be impossible. A full 13 of their remaining 23 games are against teams currently in playoff positions.

As stated, the Nets face the Bucks twice in a span of six days to finish the season. Brooklyn also plays Boston and the Los Angeles Clippers twice. There is also a trip to L.A. to face the Lakers. The Nets also have two games remaining against the Magic.

First Round Blues

Brooklyn will make the playoffs, but will they make it past Round 1. Last year, the Nets finished above .500 at 42-40 to wind up with the No. 6 seed. They faced Philadelphia in the first round and were promptly sent home as the 76ers won the series four games to one.

The last time a No. 1 or No. 2 lost a first-round playoff series was back in the 2012 postseason. Ironically, it was the Philadelphia 76ers that upset the top-seeded Chicago Bulls 4-2. It would be unlikely and a monumental upset for the Nets to defeat either Milwaukee or Toronto in the first round this year.

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