Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors 2020 Eastern Semifinals Matchup

Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors 2020

The 2019-2020 NBA season is about to come to an end. The remaining teams are now in the conference semifinals and they are pushing to become the 2020 NBA Finals Champions. Two teams that are going to be slugging it out in the Eastern Conference semifinals are the Boston Celtics and the defending champion Toronto Raptors. Both teams are highly rated and have a good chance of winning the NBA finals this year. Now, we’re going to closely examine the Raptors and Celtics and figure out who will move on to the 2020 Eastern Conference Finals.

The Boston Celtics Chances of Defeating Toronto

The Boston Celtics had a solid season for the 2019 – 2020 NBA year. They have been playing outstanding basketball and are now ready to take on Toronto for the semifinals. The Celts are going to have their hands full against Toronto for obvious reasons. However, this franchise has some advantages that might be able to overcome Toronto’s superior position.

During the regular season, the C’s managed to defeat the Raptors 3 times. They defeated them in on October 25, 2019 (112 – 106); December 25, 2019 (118 – 102); and on August 7, 2020 (122 -100). Boston lost only one time during this current season against Toronto. This took place on December 28, 2019, and the Raptors defeated them 113 – 97.

The Green has won 3 out of 4 games against the Raptors. If this trend is an indication of their performance in the semifinals; Boston should be able to sweep the Raptors or at least defeat them 4 games to 1. Tatum will definitely be a difference-maker. His game has been on point all year.

Jaylen Brown and Kemba Walker are also going to important players as well. Each of these leading figures for the Boston Celtics is going to help elevate the team to a possible victory. By the way, Boston swept the Philadelphia 76’ers (4 – 0) in the conference playoff games. Again, they do have more than enough potential to defeat the Raptors.

Can the Toronto Raptors do it again?

The Toronto Raptors was the 2018 – 2019 NBA Finals winner. They were the best team in 2019. They no longer have Kawhi Leonard but they still have a powerful set of starters. Siakam, Anunoby, Vanfleet, Lowry, and Gasol are a powerful force to reckon with. While Kwai Leonard was instrumental to them winning the 2019 Finals, he wasn’t the only top Raptors performer at the time.

The Raptors swept the New Jersey Nets 4 games to 0 during the conference playoff games. They might not be able to defeat the Celtics in this fashion, but they do have a strong possibility to win. Many NBA insiders state that Toronto has the experience and superior players that will tie the Celtics up during the semifinal series.

Toronto is a team that plays as a unit, they value team play and they work hard to win. Toronto is driven to create a dynasty in the land of the north. They do have another legitimate chance to become the league’s number one franchise in 2020. The Raptors will have their hands full but they are more than capable of neutralizing Celtics.

Channels that will Show the Celtics vs Raptors Matchup

There are 7 games scheduled between the Raptors and Celtics. The games with their dates, times, and channel appearances are listed below.

Game 1: Thursday, Aug. 27 — Celtics at Raptors, 6:30 p.m. (ESPN)

Game 2: Saturday, Aug. 29 — Celtics at Raptors, TBD (TBD)

Game 3: Monday, Aug. 31 — Raptors at Celtics, TBD (TBD)

Game 4: Wednesday, Sept. 2 — Raptors at Celtics, TBD (TBD)

Game 5*: Friday, Sept. 4 — Celtics at Raptors, TBD (TBD)

Game 6*: Sunday, Sept. 6 — Raptors at Celtics, TBD (TBD)

Game 7*: Tuesday, Sept. 8 — Celtics at Raptors, TBD (TBD)

TBD – To be determined

*Games will also be shown in their highlight form on Youtube after they have been played.

Las Vegas Prediction and Odds for the Toronto vs Boston Semifinals

Ultimately, many sports betters in Las Vegas believe that Toronto will be the team to win. Their odds predictions vary widely among sports betting organizations. Some odds predict:

Boston +104

Toronto – 124

Analysts don’t believe that Toronto will sweep the series but are expected to win it in at least 6 or 7 games.

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