2023-2024 NBA League Pass on Amazon Prime Video Channels

NBA Games on Amazon Prime Video Channels

An authentic NBA fan can never get enough action, and if you are the person who longs for more and more deals, then you’re in luck! You must be on the edge of your seat right now with your heart racing to know the exciting news. If you must, Amazon is offering live games from the NBA League Pass with its Prime Video Channels service.

You will need a League Pass subscription to attain access to the content, which you can effortlessly get for $29 per month. On the other hand, if you need more quality and extra thrill, then you can prefer to pay $169 for a season full of action.

The most impressive and praising point of this new activity is that it is the first U.S. live sports subscription service available on Prime Video Channels.

The service is co-managed by WarnerMedia’s Turner Sports and the NBA – providing access to several out-of-market and current-season games. Moreover, the NBA League Pass also offers a collection of classic matchups and game replays.

There’s no denying that you will have the time of your life using the NBA League Pass. Furthermore, we know you must have a lot of questions popping into your mind, and we know just how to answer them.

Please keep reading to find the answers in our FAQs section that contains details of every step and thought that might come your way.

The Starting Point:

What exactly is the NBA League Pass for?

NBA League Pass is a season package that you can subscribe to access the latest and regular seasons via Prime Video Channels.

The thing that separates this package from any other is that it provides subscribers access to games they cannot watch on local radio stations or even on cable. Another fantastic factor is that all the NBA League Pass subscribers perceive live access to Away, Mobile Optimized broadcast feeds, and their home comfort.

Furthermore, you can easily watch all the games without any national or regional blackouts. The NBA League Pass also offers on-demand replays for every broadcast, and not to forget, an 8-12 minute, brief replay of every game.

Is it necessary to have a Prime membership to sign up for NBA League Pass?

Yes, it is necessary. A subscriber must have an active Prime membership to sign up for either the monthly or annual NBA League Pass schedules.

If you don’t have Premium membership, then you can say goodbye to the League Pass. On the contrary, if you genuinely love the NBA, it wouldn’t hurt for you to get a membership.

Do I need to subscribe to NBA League Pass if I want to watch my current home team play?

Sadly, no! NBA League Pass is only intended for the teams outside your local area. You cannot watch your home team play unless you love any other local side, then, of course, you can watch. Moreover, have fun watching local games on your local station or your regional sports network.

Can I purchase the NBA League Pass without having a cable subscription?

Yes! It is not mandatory to have a cable subscription to have access to the NBA League Pass via Prime Video Channels. An NBA subscription will give you access to all the regular-season tournaments on every Prime Video Supported device.

However, there is a downside to having access to the NBA League pass without cable; any regional or local blackouts will disturb your spectacle.

Which devices do I need to watch games?

With your subscription, you can effortlessly witness the NBA League Pass on Prime Video, while being connected to hundreds of devices – here’s a number: 650. You can watch games on tablets, phones, Fire TV, and any other compatible Smart TV. Moreover, you can witness the games online at Amazon.com as well.

What is the difference between Away, Mobile, and Home live streams?

NBA League Pass on Prime Video Channels provides three unique ways to watch every game – Mobile, Away, and Home. Away involves commentary by the Away team’s commenters. Mobile is an optimized version for viewing on small screens. Lastly, Home requires reviews from the Home team’s commenters.

Instructions/Information Regarding the Blackouts

What sort of games can I watch?

All the live games in your subscription are usually the ones with out-of-market teams. You cannot live stream locally televised games or nationally because they are not available in your area. Moreover, NBA Playoff tournaments are not in your subscription.

However, you can only watch nationally televised games on your national TV channel – the NBA, TNT, ABC, or ESPN TV. Additionally, local games are available on all regional sports channels or radio stations.

What happens in blackouts?

Subscribers can watch all-season tournaments and not experience a national or regional blackout. You must know that outages typically occur when a game airs on locally televised or regional sports channels.

Even if a game is blacked out on your NBA League Pass, you can switch to your local network to watch the game. Additionally, the games will also be blacked out when watched on national television.

The systems, such as ESPN, NBA TV, ABC, and TNT, will also show black screens. There is a possibility to view these tournaments on designated channels. Furthermore, all replays of games will be able after 72 hours after every game.

Are the blackouts planned?

No, they are not! Blackouts are usually based on your location when witnessing the game. If you want to check which teams are targeted for interruptions near your site, prefer to use your ZIP code on NBA.com.

Can I watch the NBA Finals and Playoffs with my NBA League Pass?

The NBA Finals and Playoffs are nationally aired and not available to watch on NBA League Pass. Subscribers can watch NBA Finals or Playoffs on local stations or national TV channels.

When can I watch replays for the NBA game blackouts?

Replays of blacked-out NBA Pass games are available 72 hours after each game. Moreover, you cannot watch replays of games aired on national TV broadcasts.

Information on Subscription Management

When can I renew my subscription?

Your subscription will automatically renew after the start of every new season with a full-season price; of $99.00 (price is subject to change). On the other hand, you can even turn off the automatic renewal system to avoid paying for every new season.

Prefer to visit the Manage Your Prime Video Channels and cancel your subscription. After canceling, you can still watch all the games until the month ends.

Can I watch anything other than the games with my NBA League Pass subscription during the off-season?

NBA offers a package of on-demand games during the off-season. You will get to watch games from the previous seasons. Moreover, the NBA League Pass does not provide games on NBA Summer League, NBA Playoffs, or WNBA.

How many games can I stream at once?

You can log into at least five devices, including five synchronized streams at once.

Can I cancel or modify my subscription?

After signing up for the NBA League Pass, you can get the details from the Prime Video standard Terms of Use.

You can cancel the subscription and get a refund in three ways. After that, you have to turn off the automatic renewal system of the subscription. Visit the Manage Your Prime Video Channels section to turn it off. By turning it off, you will not receive any renewal notifications or additional fees.

Furthermore, after subscribing to a monthly subscription, you can increase your level with an annual subscription during the regular season games from the Manage Your Prime Video Channels.

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